CUDA on PowerBook (10.5.4)?


Right now I’m starting with CUDA on a Linux box (emulation) and everything works fine.

My private laptop is a PowerBook G4 running 10.5.4. Can I install CUDA and use it with the emulation mode or does it only run on intel-macs? It would be great, if I could play around a bit with CUDA on my PowerBook…

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I’m 99% sure it’s Intel only (since there are no CUDA cards for PPC).

May I suggest the wonderful Nomachine?

It’s a very fast and smooth remote desktop solution, which would connect you to your Linux box, so you can mess with CUDA anywhere there’s a network connection. I use it exactly like you would; Powerbook -> Linux workstation.


I second the NX suggestion. The free server lets you use two simultaneous users, and the client is available for Win/Linux/Mac. It is way faster and more responsive than VNC. I do all my CUDA programming this way.