CUDA on Ubuntu on a SUN T2000 thoughts?

whatcha guys think? I can get an adapter that allows any PCI Express x16 card to work on the x8 slots on the T2000 server, but software wise I’m trying to think about anything that would bar CUDA from installing smoothly on a linux / SUN environment.

adapters: (look for the PEXP16-SX-16/8 X16 TO X8 Lane Converter)

There are solaris and linux drivers for ndivia products… CUDA officially works under linux… and linux officially installs on the T2000… am I missing anything obvious anyone can think of?

thanks everyone!

CUDA is for Linux x86 and (in the near future) for Linux x86_64. The T2000 is a SPARC machine, even if you install Linux, it will not work with CUDA

what in CUDA specifically is x86 specific though?

Runtime, libraries (FFT, BLAS) , compiler.

Also, NVIDIA only provides x86 & x86_64 graphics drivers, which are required to use CUDA.