CUDA samples and Visual Studio compatibility of new SDK samples


i am using the samples provided when i first download the CUDA with Visual Studio 7.1 (2003 version).
Now i messed up one sample (the Mersenne-Twister) and i tried to download it again from the CUDA home page, but this time it says i only can use Visual Studio 8.0 (2005 version) to open it, and i don’t understand it…
does anyone know the reason, and how can i do to open it with Visual Studio 7.1?

thank you

Open your “MersenneTwister_vc7.vcproj” in a text editor and look for the line

If it shows Version=“8.00”, you’ve accidentaly converted it to vc8 (or just got a vc8 version somehow).

Your best bet would be to uninstall and reinstall the complete SDK just to be sure. If your machine has both vc7.1 and vc8, I would advise you to use the latter since it is more robust. Else, you shold be fine on 7.1 with a fresh SDK install.