Hello all,

I have just bought a VivoBook N552VW, CPU Intel i7 6700HQ, integrated Intel graphic card (thumb down), NVIDIA GTX 960M 4GB (thumb up up up), windows 10 (thumb down-down).

I’d love to use use Linux and the only distro that works decently on my hardware seems to be Ubuntu 14.04.4 (16.04 does not completely work out of the box)

I have installed the network version of CUDA 7.5 SDK, debian package, disabled nouveau (blacklisted, modeset=0, purged from xorg).

Now, the reason for which I am asking your kind help is that immediately after installation and first boot, Ubuntu boots, gives black screen at login, but after CTRL-ALT-F1 and CTRL-ALT-F7, I can login, compile cuda example, see the gorgeous oceanFFT and all the rest and see the NVIDIA settings reporting everything from the chip, temperature included. All works like a charm (a part from initial black screen that I can live with)!!!

When I switch my PC off and on again (second time after installation) all is lost: black screen at login, and no way to get back to using my GTX 960M not even after CTRL-ALT-F1, CTRL-ALT-F7. Super sad.

one weird thing is that:

lspci -k
says the GTX is seen as a 3D graphic accelerator only.

I have no opprtunities to do anything in the BIOS to force anything else

ASUS support says the system is working by using optimus technology in Windows and they do not support Linux.

I am trying to ask you NVIDIA experts since I have the hope I am missing something here as the system is working smoothly after first installation (only :-(( ).

Thanks and best regards,


By the way, the CUDA drivers coming with the debian package is in revision 352.9x (dont remember the last digit)

Again, thank you for any feedback you may want to provide.


The NVIDIA driver install is messing up your Intel graphics, which are being used in the linux case for display (when you have the black screen). Some methods to work around this are covered elsewhere on this forum if you care to look.

Thanks txbob,

So far I have found two threads facing the same issue I have here: one funny and useless where a guy pretended to hurt NVIDIA’s yearly incomes because optimus does not work as he expects, the other hopefully more useful, where another guy tried to install the driver package with the flag “–no-opengl-libs” to not mess up intel card.
I will try that too and hopefully things will start working.

If, in the meanwhile, you or anyone else reading this have any other hints or pointers to help me solving this, next time you come to italy, just tell me and you’ll get some free original Parmigiano cheese at your hotel :-)