CUDA Support for GCC 8.3

The current CUDA version 10 appears to only support GCC version 7. Are there any plans to support GCC 8 or newer in CUDA?

If so, what is the timeline for a newer version of CUDA that supports a GCC version of 8 or newer?

Hi JDSchroeder,

That’s under planning, but no clear schedule yet.
May I know why GCC version of 8 and newer is so important to you now?

Yocto 2.7 (Warrior) requires GCC 8.3 and I think Yocto 3.0 (Zeus) requires GCC 9+. If CUDA (10+) could be built with the newer version of GCC then it would make it easier to move to the latest versions of Yocto without having to utilize multiple toolchains or do a bunch of Yocto finagling to build with an old version of GCC.

Is it 6 months out? A year? What is the rough time for when a new CUDA version with GCC 8+ would be released?


gcc 8 support is in our schedule but not available yet.

Please pay attention to our announcement for the future release.
Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.