Expected timeline to support GCC 7 and LLVM 5?

With Ubuntu 18.04 set to release at the end of the month I’m curious when we can expect to have an update to CUDA that will support its GCC and LLVM compilers, which are at versions 7 and 5 respectively.

You won’t generally find statements about what to expect in the future on these forums. Future software plans and release schedule, unless publicly announced by NVIDIA (not typically done solely on these forums) would only be covered under NDA.

Thanks for letting me know.

I’ve seen indications of an upcoming CUDA 9.2 version in the slides shown at the GTC keynote (about the DGX-2 superworkstation). However it may be that CUDA 9.2 will still be released too early to support Ubuntu 18.04.

Also this: https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-toolkit/whatsnew

So I’d put my hopes on CUDA 10.