gcc version 5.4.0 could be installation CUDA 9.1?

I want install CUDA 9.1 in my TX2.but I find my gcc version is 5.4.0.so it could influence my install CUDA 9.1?have any conflict? In CUDA toolkit v9.1.85 installation guide linux ,gcc version should be 5.3.1

if not .how can I to change the gcc version?


We don’t have CUDA 9.1 package for Jetson platform.
Do you mean CUDA 9.0 which is included in the JetPack3.3.

Please noticed that there are lots of dependencies among driver, system and libraries on Jetson.
This requires you to install all the components from the JetPack installer directly.

If you install the CUDA and OS from the same JetPack installer, gcc version should be the right one for usage.

I download CUDA 9.1 from website.it is x86-64 architecture.it’s my fault.know I installed the CUDA8.0 whit jetpack 3.2.1