JetPack and CUDA 9.1

The latest JetPack version 3.2 includes CUDA 9.0.
Is there a way for JetPack to use CUDA 9.1?

I’m using StereoLabs ZED camera which needs CUDA 9.1 with the latest SDK (v2.3).
And don’t want to install two CUDA versions on host machine.

I would also like to know what the recommended configuration is for using the ZED on a TX1. It seems that the ZED and Jetpack are always out of sync with each other. Previously ZED required Ubuntu 16 while JetPAck was running Ubuntu 14. note ZED requires exactly CUDA 9.1.

Should I upgrade Jetpack on TX1 to CUDA 9.1 (and the host PC?) or use an older ZED SDK and an older Jet Pack version with CUDA 8.0.

Or maybe just wait till JetPack comes with CUDA 9.1.

I have spent about 20 hours trying to find a way to make the ZED work on the TX1.

You may wish to ask these questions on one of the Jetson forums.