nvcc --version command can't find CUDA version

I installed CUDA 8.0 and CUDA 9.1 in my TX2。then I want know which version is operating now.but I use command nvcc --version can’t find CUDA version information.
error prompt:
bash:/usr/local/cuda/bin/nvcc:cannot execute binary file:exec format error


cannot execute binary file:exec format error

This error indicates the you are using the binary complied for the different architecture.

Please noticed that Jetson is an ARM system. All the packages for Jetson are included in the JetPack installer.
The release shared from the website is for desktop user, which is x86-64 architecture.


so if I want install another version CUDA but I don’t want to uninstall CUDA 8.0.it means have to version cuda in my TX2.it’s possible?if possible,how can do this?

The CUDA releases are integrated with what appears in the particular L4T release. You can’t install a CUDA version from one JetPack onto a system which used a different JetPack version.

EDIT: It was pointed out that sometimes minor release L4T releases can be compatible with each other, e.g., CUDA from R28.2 and R28.2.1 would be compatible, but probably you’d have complete failure between major release changes, e.g., between R27 and R28.2.