CUDA Toolkit Installation Problem

I have a K5000 in a Dell T7910 workstation that I want to use mainly with ffmpeg. I have tried this about 10 times on both RHEL 7.3 & CentOS 7.3 with no success.

I am able to install the 375.66 driver with not many problems. When I do the rpm install of CUDA per the NVIDIA installation page all goes well except that when I reboot after I run ‘yum install cuda’ the system will no longer boot. It hangs in different places such as loading Gnome, Postfix, etc.

I’m not sure what else I need to add other than I’ve updated everything before I tried to install the toolkit.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

follow the instructions in the linux install guide:

  1. start over with a clean OS load
  2. read the install guide carefully, start to finish
  3. acknowledge that there are 2 different install methods (runfile and package manager) and you must not intermix the two
  4. Pick one of the 2 methods
  5. Get whatever installers you need from
  6. perform all necessary steps, don’t skip any (e.g. nouveau removal)
  7. profit

If at any point in time, you decide to do system (OS) updates, and/or install a GPU driver separately from CUDA, acknowledge that these can be perilous activities if you don’t do it properly. Therefore it’s a good idea to learn the pitfalls before any such activities are undertaken.

Thank you txbob for the quick reply. I am reading the install guide while doing a clean install of RHEL.

I shall report back later.

There is joy in Mudville Yoda. Got it on the first pass.

Onward to building ffmpeg.

Much grass.