CUDA Tooolkit 3.2 Legacy

I need the Nvidia CUDA Toolkit version 3.2 for Linux 32 bits. But the link is down.

When I try to download the file the message said “The Service is unavailable”.

The moderator would have a link to download this version?
Would you or someone have this version of CUDA Toolkit to share?

I have tried again and again to send messages and e-mail to CUDA Toolkit e-mail support without answer about it.

I specifically need this version because my system is Fedora Core 13 and can not be updated.

Use the last version of CUDA Toolkit is not possible because I have applications that only works on Fedora Core 13 and the Operating System Update is not an option.

If I try to install CUDA Toolkit version 11 not is possible the instalation becuase I have too many erros.

I need the Version 3.2 for Fedora Core 13 because I know that this CUDA Toolkit 3,2 works perfectly.

Would you help to me with this please?