Cuda Version - Conda


I’m having difficulty understanding the CUDA installation process, particularly with the various versions displayed by different commands. In my conda environment, running the command conda list cudatoolkit shows version 11.8.0. However, the command nvidia-smi indicates that the CUDA version is 12.3, and nvcc --version shows 12.2. Moreover, when I execute print(torch.version.cuda) in Python, it displays 12.1. Could you please explain the differences between these versions? I realize this might be a basic question, but any clarification would be greatly appreciated!

This indicates that the driver supports Cuda up to and including 12.3.

This indicates 12.2 is the currently active installed Cuda toolkit.

My understanding, (not having used pytorch), is that the version of pytorch you have, was built to use the 12.1 toolkit.

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Thank you.