Installed cuda 11.3, nvcc -V says "cuda version 11.1" nvidia-smi says "cuda version 11.5"

I am attempting to build the TensorRT docker container which specifically says that cuda 11.3 or 11.3.1 is required.

Went through all of the steps to load cuda 11.3 as shown here

When I execute the last instruction in the above list, “sudo apt-get install cuda” I get the response:

cuda is already the newest version (11.5.1-1).Blockquote

So, it appears that the installer won’t let me “downgrade” to the lower version of cuda, 11.3.

Just to check, nvcc-V says that I am running “cuda version 11.1” not 11.5. While nvidia-smi says that I am running “cuda verison 11.5”.

Simply put, how do I install the correct version of cuda for TensorRT?

Thank You