CUDA w/ Optimus


I have my eye on a Toshiba X775-3dv80 laptop with GTX 560M.
I came across several postings regarding problems running CUDA on gpus with Optimus(I presume 560M has Optimus given that it is mobile series).
Initially I will be using Win7-64 but planning on dual-boot for linux.
Could someone, please, point me to the offical statement from NVIDIA regarding CUDA w/ Optimus on both Win7 and linux?
Personal experiences are also appreciated.

I got my asus laptop to work a few days ago.
What i did was:
Installed ubuntu 11.04.
Uninstalled nouveau driver.
Installed the dev driver from nVIDIA.
When it asks you if it should update the xorg.conf file answer “no”,this is crucial.
Rebooted the machine and everything worked flawlessly.

You might need to load the nvidia kernel module manually to use CUDA.
Also you might need to run a CUDA application as root before you can use CUDA as a simple user.