cudaEGL and GStreamerEGLStreamSinkFrameSource

I’ve written a modified version of the nvcamera framesource to create a gstreamer pipeline from a v4lsrc to nvjpegdec and then nvvideosink. My class inherits from GStreamEGLStreamSinkFrameSourceImpl. I’m struggling to get this to link though when I try to build the object_tracker example including nvxio/ovxio. This links against -lcudart which I would have thought contained these functions.

../../libs/aarch64/linux/release/libovx.a(GStreamerEGLStreamSinkFrameSourceImpl.o): In function `nvidiaio::GStreamerEGLStreamSinkFrameSourceImpl::InitializeEglCudaConsumer()':
GStreamerEGLStreamSinkFrameSourceImpl.cpp:(.text+0x848): undefined reference to `cuEGLStreamConsumerConnect'

Seems I need to link to -lcuda not just -lcudart