cuDNN 6.0 Windows 7 vs Windows 10

What is the difference between the Windows 7 and Windows 10 version of the cuDNN 6.0 library?

Are the Windows 7 cuDNN 6.0 libraries able to run on Windows 10?


I am also interested in an answer to this question. Can someone from NVIDIA weigh in on this? The standard CUDA 8 dlls are not versioned differently between Windows 7 and Windows 10. We would like to understand why cuDNN needs to separate its support for the two Windows OS’s. TIA

Same question here.

This makes supporting a mixed environment Windows 2012/2016 harder than it needs to be.

I have been running the cuDNN 6.0 (and 7.02) libraries for Windows 7, on Windows 10 with no issues so far.

Got same question.

Bumping this as I would also like to know.