cuDNN installation for Ubuntu 20.04 (mint 21.1) for a 1070 CUDA 8.6 compat question

From the matrix is shows the 1070 can only deal with CUDA 8.6. The libraries I found are for ubuntu 16.04. I shouldn’t be able to use those libraries on 20.04 should it? Can I use the latest CUDA on an older card and it work at all? If not, is there a way to get the source and compile it myself? Or can I only use older hardware with Windows since the CUDA 8.6 supports WIndows 10.
Sorry for all the questions at once, just want to get this in the first pass.

Hi @andrew.falgout ,
Based on our support matrix: Support Matrix :: NVIDIA cuDNN Documentation, our latest release still supports the 1070 (Pascal Architecture).
So you can grab the latest release and choose the installer that matches your OS.