cufftPlan2d crashes After several times of callings

Hi All,

Have you ever got the same problem below?

I’m using an EVGA GeForce GT430 on Window XP with CUDA Toolkit 4.0 (Display Driver Version 270.81). The application is to handle videos with CUDA FFT. When a new video is loaded, cufftPlan2d is called as below,

if (cufftPlan2d(&FFTplan, imgH, imgW, CUFFT_C2C) != CUFFT_SUCCESS) return -1;

and after this video is processed, cufftDestroy is called as below,


After several cycles (3~4) of ‘cufftPlan2d’ and ‘cufftDestroy’, ‘cufftPlan2d’ crashes the whole application (I’ve tested). A new cycle of ‘cufftPlan2d’ and ‘cufftDestroy’ for each video is necessary because the size of video can be different from time to time.

I don’t know if I missed something, or I did not implement ‘cufftPlan2d’ and ‘cufftDestroy’ correctly. Your suggestions and comments will be highly appreciated.