cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage can't register RGB


I was trying to read a Jpg Image with the “NvJpegDecoder”, than comvert it to RGB with the “NvBufferTransform” method.
When I then try to get a CuResource from this Buffer, via the “NvEGLImageFromFd” and “cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage” Methods I get a “CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE” Error.
This don’t happens when the Image isn’t converted to RGB (so it is sill YUV420_SEMIPLANAR).

Is there any possibility to map register an RGB image or access the NvBuffer directly from CUDA?

I’m using CUDA 10.2

Ok it seems as if this was some weird bug. I first used a work around and than I had to write to an empty ARGB Buffer, which work fine. After that I tried to read from the decoded and transformed buffer again and this time it worked as expected.

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