Register GRAY8 image with cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage

Hi all

I’m trying to map a grayscale image to get a pointer to use with CUDA.

  1. I get a FD for the HW buffer using ExtractFdFromNvBuffer
  2. If I run NvBufferGetParams I can see that the format of this buffer is NvBufferColorFormat_GRAY8 (which is what I need).
  3. Then I run NvEGLImageFromFd.
  4. Finally I run cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage.

This last step however returns CUDA_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED. Every other. Other formats such as RGBA or I420 work just fine. Is GRAY8 not supported?

Platform: Any Jetson board
Jetpack: 4.4
Multimedia API: 32.2.3

Side remark: Jetson-specific question usually receive faster/better answer in the Jetson sub-forums

Thanks @njuffa. For anyone else wondering the same, here’s a thread discussing the same which I didn’t find before. Basically GRAY8 is not supported (yet) in the EGL side.