cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage/cuGraphicsUnregisterResource not working as expected

• Platform: Nvidia Orin AGX 64 GB
• DeepStream Version 6.3
• JetPack Version: 35.4.1
• Issue Type: Question about performance

I wanted to see if there was any progress on the issue that @jhnlmn raised in: How to share NvBufSurface with Cuda efficiently, without overhead of cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage/cuGraphicsUnregisterResource?

The problem: “I tried to call cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage only once after NvBufSurface creation and it mostly works except for some small image corruption - some groups of pixels, may be cache lines, are retained in new frame from previous.”

The current solution for this problem is to make a small buffer and flush this buffer every time we get a new image. Is there an alternative to this hack?

We are still checking this. If the quick solution works for your use-case, please adopt it.


Please check the topic for the latest status.
The issue won’t happen on the latest JetPack 6 GA.