CuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage function exception

During the decoding process, the program will crash irregularly. After debugging, I found that the cause of the crash was an exception in the cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage function.

However, I found that the cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage function is abnormal irregularly. When calling the cuGraphicsEGLRegisterImage function, the parameters passed are the same. I don’t know why this happens.

I checked the khr parameter and found that the khr parameter is normal and not null

When this happens, I use 6 threads to decode at the same time.

The six threads are all independent devices, and each thread is initialized independently.

I did not encounter this problem when using single thread decoding.

Just now, an exception occurred when testing the decoding of two threads

For multiple video decoding, we have a sample:


Please check if you can apply a patch to the sample and reproduce the issue. If you can successfully reproduce it, please share us the patch and steps so that we can set up and try.

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