Trying to work with tensorflow in a virtual environment and get the above error.
Have followed as much as I can here CUPTI has no sufficient privilege - #4 by mikechen6688

But still not got any luck.


May I know which TensorFlow package do you use?
Do you install it from our official release:

More, could you try to run the script with root authority (if possible) to see if it helps?


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
tensorflow 2.3.1+nv20.10
I was reticent to use sudo as I am in a virtual environment, so in order for that to work would I not have to do all my installs at system level which kinda negates having a virtual environment?


Could you share what kind of TensorFlow operation leads to the error?

It is under expectation if the error occurs when profiling
Since CUDA profiling requires root authority from v10.0.


Yeah, it’s a permission thing - so I have had to go back and make tensorflow available to all users and run it as root to mitigate the error.
I don’t think it affects anything at this stage though.