Cupy Install for Jetson Xavier NX

I am following the instructions here for installing cupy on a jetson xavier nx:

What files do I edit in the changes section?
(1) For the changes under Under {cupy_root}/cupy/_core/include/cupy/cub/tune I am assuming its the Makefile? Also do I just copy those changes verbatim and add to make file replacing orginal lines 71- 76?
(2) Under{cupy_root}/ what file is is that I need to modify? and I what lines?


We have made it into a file.
Please give it a try:

setup.patch (655 Bytes)
core.patch (845 Bytes)

$ git clone -b v9.6.0 --recursive
$ cd cupy/
$ git apply [setup.patch]
$ cd cupy/_core/include/cupy/cub
$ git apply [core.patch]
$ cd ../../../../../
$ pip3 install .


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Hi, CuPy maintainer here.
You can use the environment variable CUPY_NVCC_GENERATE_CODE=current to build CuPy (without a patch) optimized for your GPU.

pip install 'cupy==9.6.0'

If you are using Python 3.7+, you can install pre-compiled binary packages for Jetson via pip install cupy-cuda102.

Thanks! This worked and I was able to speed up an SVD operation significantly using cupy in my python script!

Hi, kmaehashi

Thanks for this information.
I will share this information with other users that are interested in cupy.


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