Curated Freestyle shaders and Destiny 2

As someone who just started using the Freestyle feature and someone who plays Destiny 2, I’ve been hard pressed to find a concrete answer, so I figured I’d reach out here to ask.

Destiny 2 has an anti-cheat in place to ban accounts with third-party mods like Reshade if they are running in the background or even TSR. Even though Destiny 2 is not supported by GeForce, will me using the curated shaders for a different game, trigger a ban for Destiny 2? Or is it safe for me to use on other games since Destiny 2 is not supported by GeForce?

Hi @ballfour15,

Sorry, but this is not the correct place for gaming related questions.

Please visit the GeForce forums for support.


ok, thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. I spoke to customer support and he told me to come here. Sorry for disrupting things here!

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