Nvidia Freestyle


I was looking into Nvidia Freestyle, but I find no information at all, about how I can support it in my game-engine? Does anyone have some pointer, or anything for me?


Is it really this difficult to find this information?

Keep your f*cking freestyle for yourself if so. I was mainly wondering how one can utilize it… Sorry!

Hi @jimmyItIsMe and welcoem to the NVIDIA developer forums.

No need to start swearing, that rarely leads to helpful answers.

NVIDIA Freestyle is part of GeForce Experience and the concept of optimized gaming experience. If you look at GeForce Experience under “General Settings” and “Features” you will see if your Hardware and Driver setup is capable of using Freestyle as well as a link to all supported games and applications.

Since this is not an SDK there is no generic way to add this feature to a game. Our Developer relations team works directly with Game Studios, the same way that Optimized Settings in GFE are developed.

I hope this answered your question.

Thank you @MarkusHoHo.

I did alot of searching to try to find out how that works, thats all I did want to know, thank you!

You are welcome.

I forgot to mention, the actual settings are applied through “Game Filter”, which is accessible through the GeForce Experience Game Overlay, if it is enabled. The default key-combo for this is Alt+F3 (or go through the overlay itself with Alt-Z).

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