Custom board with AGX Xavier SoM install system


I have designed a carrier board for our customer,but my carrier board use USB type A instead of type C.

when AGX Xavier SoM turns on FORCE RECOVERY mode, can USB work?
Can the device be listed on my pc


When device is in recovery mode, only the device mode on the flash port will work. This is mentioned in the product design guide document.

To USB 3.1 Type -A port on my custom board these lines are connected,

 1. USB0_DN and USB0_DP for USB 2.0 support

 2. UPHY_TX1 and UPHY_RX1 for USB 3.0 support

I have seen some issue about USB, when using USB type A directly, you need to modify CFG and DTB.

I’m worried that in recovery mode, my USB type A can’t be recognized, so I can’t flash the new AGX Xavier SoM I bought.


The recovery mode only recognizes the usb device mode and it is triggered by hardware. Type A does not support device mode so it was not working by default.

This is my hardware design. Is there any way to make USB TAPE A interface recognized?

Hi, please refer to the Figure 7-3. USB 3.1 USB Micro AB Connection Example and 15.1 USB Recovery Mode in OEM DG. Only USB0 and UPHY1 are available to recovery mode.