USB2.0 USB0 dont't work in host mode and usb communication failed while flashing in recovery mode

Hi NV,
In our custom carrier board design, we connect USB0 to a USB A connector,but it didn’t work in normal host mode.No device can’t find on USB0 via lsusb command.Other two USB3.1 ports are OK.
We can enter recovery mode via USB0 but it stops in a few seconds after running the flashing commands.The error is “usb communication failed in recovery mode can not open usb”.
We thought the problem may be that we remove the typeC circuits so the codes dont fit our hardware.
Host machine is VM,and we can flash official AGX devkit with the same VM.
Will you kindly help us check our design and give us some clues?
Many thanks

Still suggest you to use a native ubuntu host to test the flash.

Flash + recovery mode is pure hardware triggered, there is no software like linux kernel running in this stage. Which means if your hardware is correct, then there should be no problem.

Hi wayne,
Thanks for ur reply.
Our board can enter recovery mode,so can we say the hardware is correct?

Do you have any suggestions on USB0 host mode failure issue?
We just directly connect USB0 DP/DM from AGX module to a USB-A port but it dose not work.
USB2 and USB3 work well with the same design.

Are you talking about after the system enters the kernel or you are asking for something else?

USB0 host failure issue is after system enters kernel.

Then please refer to the usb adaptation guide and modify the device tree.

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