USB2.0 + 3.1 support


I have a question about USB

Our board connected USB0(USB2.0) + USBSS(USB3.0).

I would like to still use the USB0 for Recovery(device mode) and when finished or not needed to be able to use as SS USB together with the USBSS(host mode).

Is this possible? How Can I do it?


please refer to the adaptation guide for usb porting. Just need to update the device tree to set usb0 into host mode only. Default setting is OTG mode.

I checked usb otg mode → host mode. it worked well.

but this case recovery mode not working right?

When the board is in recovery mode, there is no software running on it. It is a pure hardware behavior.

Which means what you changed in dtb does not matter to recovery mode.
But for Orin NX, it is a more complicated cases. Initrd flash may fail.

When I use otg mode usb keyboard mouse is not working

We use usb 3.2 type A

Will this have any effect?

otg mode requires vbus and id pin to control the mode… since your hardware is just a type A port, it won’t work as expected…

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