We design Xavier AGX Carrier board USB don't work properly

Design the following accessories(AGX.PDF),use usb0 for micro USB。Press and hold the recover button to power on, and the host can recognize the USB device. The program that writes the official demo will report an error and cannot burn normally.
Using the official demo module and putting it on your own carrier board can start normally, but the USB host cannot recognize it.
Which one is this? Does the usb0 host design require other pins to be configured for pull-up or pull-down?
dmesg log see attachment。AGX.pdf (771.9 KB)
dmesg.log (77.2 KB)

  1. The board cannot get flashed is probably a hardware design issue. Please make sure you followed the product design guide.

  2. For the usb after kernel is up, please refer to adaptation guide for device tree configuration.

We have designed according to the product design guide,but there are still problems.
In the recover mode, our board can recognize the USB of the board with NVIDIA tools, and an error is reported when downloading the software to the board.
*** Reading ECID … *** Error: ECID read failed.
Put the target board in RCM mode and retry.

I don’t think same issue happened when you plug this module on devkit, right?


we design carrier board USB0 can burn the program through recover mode,but USB0 usd host cannot recognize the device. lsusb nothing

So you can flash the module with custom carrier board bow?

yes, usb0 host dosn’t work, our carrier board delete all i2c device,this is different from the official board.

please refer to adaptation guide and write new setting in the device tree.

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