Usb not working after flash on AGX H01 kit

I have a Agx H01 kit. When it arrived, it worked. Then I try to make some operation, as upgrading operating system etc, but I see that many things doesn’t work as I espected, and so I decided to do a factory reset. So I flash the image following the instruction from the nvidia site and it booted correctly as I see on my monitor a ubuntu window with the licence acceptation frame.
But, the keyboard and the mouse doesn’t work… They aren’t powered up (no light on mouse or keyboard). If I reboot, the mouse is powered for a pair of seconds and then it stops.
I think that it depends on the different configuration of the ports of my kit, that is quite different from the original nvidia development kit. I try to connect the usb C cable to pc, but it is only recognized when it is in flash mode.
Can someone give me some hint to fix it?
Thank you very much.



Not sure if these two issues are related to your case?

Thank you Wayne,
the problem is exactly like the second (“Configure USB flashing port problem - when Jetson Xavier AGX reboot after completion of Flash”). I have a custom carrier board, in the box I see a sticker with “Jetson Xavier AGX H01 Kit”. I haven’t the micro-usb port so I don’t know how to connect to UART console… I have just an type-C port, that I used for flashing the board. If I attach in “normal” mode, it is not recognized by my system (ubuntu).



If this is custom board, you should contact with board vendor to know how to dump uart log.

I wrote to the vendor (Seed Studio), but they didn’t answer, yet. So I wrote here to see if someone with my own board could have a solution for it. Anyway, thank you again, Wayne.

Just some more clarification.

Generally, a custom board should be with working with custom BSP. Not always work with the BSP from sdkmanager.

Only some vendors claim that their boards are compatible with sdkmanager. Better clarifying this first.

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