USB 2 not working on custom Jetson Xavier AGX

Working on custom carrier board for AGX Xavier. Initial forcing on boot recover managed to connect it to SDK and do a clean install.
Device boots but doesn’t have USB ( not even 2.0 ) so cannot connect mouse/keyboard to complete set up.

( usb 0 and usb 1 routed to USB-C connector, USB0 physically works – flashed was performed via it )

Suggestions ?

You would need to modify device tree per your hardware USB lane mapping. We have guidance in adaptation guide. Please take a look:

Do I need to modify it if I am using it the same way as in the schematic referenced (P2822_B03) ? For example USB1 C10 and C11 going to USB-C connector ?

Thank you for your help.

On developer kit, the setting may be overwritten by plugin manager. Please check the device tree through xxd. You may refer to discussion in
Problem to implement two USB3.0 port on Customized carrier board for Jetson TX2

May I ask you ,Is the problem solved?Now, i also meet this problem,could you please share your Email address,thank you

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