How to customize Xaver AGX from USB type c to USB2.0


At my company we design carrier board which supports USB2.0 instead of Type c

From reading the guide I did not understand what should I do for the customization while I could not find some of the reference files.
(Here another topic about that: Device tree USB issues, documentation incomplete)
What should I modify and how should I do it i order to get USB2.0 support?



We have guidance in product design guide and adaptation guide. Please take a look.


I read the guide before and there are more open questions:
1.At NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide there is section about

UPHY Lane Configuration

at this section there is a reference to “./hardware/nvidia/platform/t19x//bct/” where this path is located and which file should I edit???

2.At adaptation_and_bringup_xavier at file which you gave me described device tree modification what should I do after modifying the tree and if should I recompile the kernel or not ?

If there is step by step guide for noobs (Its my first time of configure something like that ) I will very appreciate that.


Yehonatan Spiegel

The device tree for Xavier developer kit is in


And please check Kernel Customization for re-building device tree.