I’m designing a carrier board for the Jetson Xavier.
Regarding the USB connection for recovery, can I use USB2.0 instead of 3.1 for burning the OS?
Can I use all USB ports as USB2.0?
I want to reduce design complexity,

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Yes, you can use USB0 port for flashing. A connector for USB0_DP/DN directly and copy the switches design of UART-USB bridge of USB0 in reference schematic for UART thru USB0. Total four USB2.0 can be used individually, USB0~USB3.


  • Just to understand - USB0 can be connected for flashing and it should act as a device, meaning the external host, let's assume PC, should deliver the 5V power - right? and if I do so, I need to connect a micro-usb connector (because it's a device)?
  • Now, If I want to use USB connection as host, I need to connect a type A female connector? also for USB3.1? and the NVIDIA will deliver the power?

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No power is ever delivered to the Xavier through USB. There is a slight nuance I’ll comment on related to this at the end.

Unless we are talking about USB-C connectors, you will always need a “type-B” connector on the device, and a “type-A” connector on the host (type-C just has extra wiring…logically it is still a type-A and type-B).

You would typically use the type-C for flashing an Xavier dev kit (for flash). The micro-B would be used for serial console.

The micro-OTG port (which accepts either a micro-A or micro-B, but has an ID pin to know which type was inserted) will never be faster than USB2 (the wiring does not exist for this connector to reach USB3.x).

About that slight nuance for the micro-B connector not delivering power to the Xavier: Technically there is a serial UART for serial console, and that UART might be powered by the USB (don’t know). The Xavier itself would not consume power for itself on the micro-B (perhaps Xavier itself even powers the UART…I’d be curious to find out if anyone here knows).

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Yes, the VBUS is delivered from host to Xavier to do detection not power supply. The switch of UART/USB is not powered by VBUS and here the discussion is for custom design which i believe there is no such switch. Figure 21 in DG illustrates the connection of USB0 port involved.


Thank you for your answers.

I want to implement in my design one USB connection for flashing the Xavier (acts as device) and two more for connecting mouse\keyboard (acts as host) - do you recommend to use the serial console over USB? because in my design I’m connecting the UART port to RS232 transceiver for console (with different connector).

What do you recommend to do for the simplest design? which connector should I place for each requirement (I prefer not to use type-C, USB3.x speed is not necessary for me)? I don’t need options in my design, just straight connection.

What should I do with VBUS in each case?


No need to use UART over USB since you already connected it to RS232 port.

As I said, figure 21, USB 3.1 USB Micro AB Connection Example Supporting Device & Host Modes & USB 2.0 Recovery Mode, in OEM DG gives the USB2.0 design example (remove USB3.1 part).


I prefer not using Micro AB connection, it’s not so common.
I prefer using one type of connector for the recovery and one type for the mouse\keyboard, what do you suggest?



Do you have any suggestions?

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Please just follow the OEM DG to do custom design, we have no support for other option.