USB interface for flashing img to Xavier

Hi,I want to design a carrier board for Xavier Module,and I don’t need the USB Type-C interface.
As I know:
1.The connector J512 is for flashing img to Xavier,it is connect to the USB0 of Xavier in Developer Kit.
2.In the OEM design guide document,Figure21 shows USB 3.1 USB Micro AB Connection Example Supporting Device & Host Modes & USB 2.0 Recovery Mode.
My question is :
Can I Flashing Xavier only through USB2.0(USB0),and the USB2.0 is a Micor USB typeAB,just like Carrier board of Jetson TX2,not including USB3.1(TX+/-,RX+/-)?

Yes, USB0 port is the port to start flashing.

Thanks for reply.
That is to say, I only need USB0 with MicroUSB connector to flash the Xavier.
Am I right?