Verify USB connections

My system will have 5 USB3 cameras, all using USB 3 A connections, and one USB2 Wifi-dongle.

I’ll attach a figure, and will try to explain in words:
(I tried to stick to the UPHYx/USBx as is in the reference design.)

  1. On USB 3 connector is using UPHY1 and USB0
  2. Another USB 3 connector is using UPHY6 and USB2
  3. Third USB 3 is using UPHY11 and USB3, and connected to a 4 x USB 3 Hub (TI TUSB8041), and will have 3 USB 3 connectors
  4. There will be one Micro-USB connector, using USB2 (no phy).

I assume that I’ll need to have a hub for any configuration that will have more than 4 ports - as there are only 4 USB 2.0 ports. Is this correct?

I assume that flashing will be supported by connecting Micro-USB cable to the USB 3 A connector which is using USB0.
Will I be able to flash using the Micro-USB connector which is connected to USB2?
If not, can I swap USB0 with USB2?



We only support hardware layout of USB ports exactly same as Xavier default board. If you have to customize the layout, please contact us to get further support.