Add one more USB3


We like to add one more USB 3 .0 port on a customize AGX carrier board.
The carrier board has a USB3.0 (UPHY_TX11, UPHY_RX11) already.

The new USB3.0 uses UPHY_TX10 & UPHY_RX10.
BSP is based on AGX Xavier to modify.

Is it possible to use UPHY_TX10 & UPHY_RX10 for a new USB3.0?
If yes, how to set the port number?

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Only one lane mapping is supported as listed in Table 22. Xavier Module USB 3.1, PCIe & UFS Lane Mapping Configurations in OEM DG. Please follow that well.

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So we only can use UPHY_TX1 & UPHY_RX1 or UPHY_TX6 & UPHY_RX6
to add one more USB3.0.

Please correct me if I misunderstanding.



Total 3 USB3.1 ports are supported, UPHY1, 6 and 11.

According to page 18 in “JETSON AGX XAVIER PLATFORM ADAPTATION AND BRING-UP GUIDE”, it describes “Jetson AGX Xavier is designed to support the configurations listed in these tables. Released software also supports these configurations. However, the table lists only one out of 64 possible configurations. For further information, consult the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Technical Reference Manual (TRM) and consult with NVIDIA before designing your custom board.”

Since our PCB is back, we need software patch to assign UPHY10 as USB 3.0 function. Please guide us how to modify DTB and ODMDATA.



Please help on this.

Hi davidcoo882,

Unfortunately we only verified the setting over devkit. Other configuration are not validated, so cannot provide the method to configure uphy10 to USB here.
Please contact nvidia sales for your request.