Can I have 2 x SSD + 3 x USB3 ?

My system need 3 x USB3, and 2 x SSD.

I see that there are 12 UPHY channels, and UPHY 8,9 has no connection to the carrier-board.
I also see that the SSD uses 4 UPHY channels, so two SSDs will use 8, leaving only 2 for the USB.

Is there an option to use SSD with 2 or 3 channels - assume that will affect the performance.

Are there any other limits that I’ve not checked yet - I2C / REFCLK etc?

Do you use the Xavier devkit board(module+carrier board) or do you design your carrier board yourself for development?

I do a design of a carrier board, for specific application which requires two SSD, and 3 USB3.

if So, the config in the DG (table 19) can meet your requirement. two SSD + 3 USB3.

please download the DG for your reference

Sorry, but I see other thing in table 19 - attached.

Please see the usage I’ve planned, I can use 0,7,10 - my understanding is that 8 and 9 are not connected to the carrier.

0 -
1 - USB#1
2 - SSD1 TX0/RX0
3 - SSD1 TX1/RX1
4 - SSD1 TX2/RX2
5 - SSD1 TX3/RX3
6 - USB#2
7 -
8 - x
9 - x
10 -
11 - USB#3

Oh, your SSD Card need 4 lane, base on your current config, the 12 uphy lane can not meet your requirement,
suggest you use the PCIe(C5), it is NVHS interface, this controller also can be config to X4 mode.


What are the requirements to use NVHS - from the software side?

You’ve raised the point of X4, which I was not aware of - can I use UPHY 0,1,6,7 for the 2nd SSD (in addition to 2-5 for 1st SSD - as in ref. design), and using UPHY 10-11 for USB3, and having an option for 3rd USB on NVHS - as shown below ?

0 - SSD2
1 - SSD2
2 - SSD1
3 - SSD1
4 - SSD1
5 - SSD1
6 - SSD2
7 - SSD2
8 - x
9 - x
10 - USB#1
11 - USB#2

0 - USB#3

@ ishay19bch
For jetson Xavier, we have one config table for select, Have list on Desgin guide. The UHPY LANE can not combination randomly.
if you want to support two SSD, one is use Uphy Lane2~5 , 3 X usb 3.0 also keed same as DG table 9, another SSD can be moved the NVHS, it also can be config to UPHY pcie mode, it is list on DG table 19, currently the PCIE mode for NVHS interface should be default mode.

I’m sorry, but in the OEM PDG, section 6 - USB, PCIE, UFS, it send me to some table which I couldn’t find:

“The table following the Pin Description tables shows the configurations allowed for these interfaces.”

Tried looking for the word “configuration”, but couldn’t find something valuable.
I saw table 4,5 which are ‘Xavier Connector Pin Out Matrix’, but the following table is about power control.

Kindly ask a simple request: Please provide me an example of having 2 x SSD and 3 x USB 3.

(Currently I’m using UPHY1,6,11 for USB3, and using UPHY2,3,4,5 for SSD1 - where should I connect SSD2 to ???.
No issue if you’ll provide an example which changes all channels.)


Do you can see the table in your DG ? Attach the PCIE_CONFIG .PNG from DG. You can connect SSD2 to NVHS[3:0].

Thanks you.
And for all other who would like to have 2 x SSD and 3 x USB 3, here’s one possible configuration:

UPHY1,6,11 for USB3
UPHY2,3,4,5 for SSD1
NVHS[3:0] for SSD2