USB3 HUB connected to the JETSON XAVIER NX


I am using USB3 HUB from microchip instead of the HUB used by NVIDIA in the original carier evb.
for the upstream I use the usb2 + usb 3 and the downstream consumers are 2 cameras, single BARCODE reader and another USB2 hub 1->2.
I am wondering if there are some limitations and if the design I made is correct.
Can you help me with it?


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Hi, for USB part design of NX, as said in OEM product DG, there is example design there. For NX, only one USB3.1 port + 3 USB2.0 ports for your option, you can make design of NX side based on that. As for the design of third-part HUB side, we have no idea of review help, you can check with vendor for the design help.