Custom ros_control controller with isaac sim


I made a custom controller in ros and test it in gazebo so far. I would like to somehow use this controller in isaac sim but I feel a bit overwhelmed as I started two days ago and I have been doing the tutorials to familiarize with the simulation environment.

So far I have done the tutorials of action graphs and how to bridge ros with the simulator. This tutorials creates subscribers or publishers to use them with ros.

I have a very high level idea of the concepts, please correct me:

-My cartesian impedance controller uses torque commands to control the robot, isaac sim should subscribe this commands through the omnigraph subscriber?

-About the joint states, in the tutorial the joint states are published by the omnigrpah publisher node, where my controller should subscribe.

-Also, my controller so far uses a dynamic reconfiguration system to reconfigure the impendance terms of the robot and also the desired pose for the robot. I dont know could I implement this for the simulator, the idea is to change online the stiffness and damping values and also send the robot to a new desired pose. Please any information about how to do this part would be appreciated.

If more information is needed please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @mlasa - I have assigned question to dev PIC. He will get back to you as soon as he can.

Thank you, I have been progressing since but I would appreciate your input on this!

I am trying to use ros2_control in Isaac Sim.
In tutorial, topic_based_controller is recommended.

I think this is good way, but my mobile robot did not work well.
So I create framework to communicate between Isaac Sim and ROS 2 with a shared memory.

This framework can accommodate changing online the stiffness and damping by changing the data in the shared memory.

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Hey. This one is really cool