Custom writer with built-in GT and camera pose

Hi there,

We want to make a custom writer for our scene, including built-in GT such as rgb/bbox_2d_tight/depth/semantic_segmentation as well as the camera 6D pose.

We tested the code for obtaining camera pose in Script Editor and also generated some GT with built-in BasicWriter in GUI. They both work well.

Now we want to wrap it up together as an end-to-end standalone python script. We are wondering what would be the best way to do that? “Best”, say, the most efficient way for generating GT (Render as RTX Path-tracing) & camera pose in large-scale in-door scene with multiple assets as well as some randomization.

Considering the I/O, it seems that omni.replicator.core.BackendDispatch would be a good choice? Our machine is RTX A6000*2.

Could you give some suggestions or advices? Thanks!


Hi there,

to avoid reading the 6d pose from stage and feeding it into the writer you could try using the cameraViewTransform (camera to world transformation matrix) data from the CameraParameters annotator directly in the writer.

Here are some example questions using this parameter:

Let me know if you need further assistance