Replicator - how to get cameraViewTransform

Using Replicator, I’d like to capture the 6-D pose of an object in the local frame of the camera. However, the output type to generate “camera_params” is missing. What to do?

Using the UI Isaac Sim and python to drive replication, “Synthetic Data Recorder” it is simple to check off “camera params”. And indeed, this all works fine to allow me to find the pose of an object. However, the power of replicator is difficult/complex to reproduce.

So is there a way to get camera params with replicator?

(Yes, I know I can’t change the camera, so I can probably guesstimate the transform. Is that the only work around?)

Hi there,

can you check if the Offline Pose Estimation tutorial contains the function you are looking for.


IMHO there are currently roughly three ways to generate synthetic data:

  1. From the UI only - I think this is deprecated for a year now.
  2. Replicator Composer. A yaml file controls the generation. This is what I’m after. This doesn’t seem to allow a ‘camera params’ object to be output
  3. Full-on python. Either the simple 10 line example (2. Synthetic Data Recorder — Omniverse Robotics documentation) - which works great but is highly limited, or the full-on off-line blah - which is powerful but complicated.

btw, thanks for your response!