D457 and realsense_ros


I’m trying to launch realsense_ros with Intel RealSense D457 camera (GMSL2) following this guide. After running realsense_example.launch.py I have the following error:

[INFO] [1704464659.502375978] [camera.camera]: Device with serial number 220422302762 was found.
[component_container_mt-1] [INFO] [1704464659.502547179] [camera.camera]: Device with physical ID /sys/devices/platform/tegra-capture-vi/video4linux/video6 was found.
[component_container_mt-1] [INFO] [1704464659.502575755] [camera.camera]: Device with name Intel RealSense D457 was found.
[component_container_mt-1] [WARN] [1704464659.503115344] [camera.camera]: Error extracting usb port from device with physical ID: /sys/devices/platform/tegra-capture-vi/video4linux/video6
[component_container_mt-1] Please report on github issue at https://github.com/IntelRealSense/realsense-ros
[component_container_mt-1] [FATAL] [1704464659.503200913] [camera.camera]: Unsupported device! Product ID: 0xABCD
[ERROR] [component_container_mt-1]: process has died [pid 22731, exit code 1, cmd '/opt/ros/humble/lib/rclcpp_components/component_container_mt --ros-args -r __node:=shared_nvblox_container'].

My setup:

I use this BSP from ConnectTech based on r35.4.1.

The realsense-viewer from the latest version of librealsense works well on the host ( outside of the isaac_ros_common Docker), I can see the video and depth stream from the camera. Inside the Docker realsense-viewer runs well, but doesn’t “see” the camera.

My questions:

  1. Does realsense_ros support D457
  2. If no, is it possible to add this camera

Hi @pavel.butov ,

following the official documentation realsense ROS2 documentation
You should modify device_type variable on the realsense.yaml Line 19

device_type: 'd457'

I don’t have a d457 on my hands. Let me know if it is fixed.

Hi @Raffaello!

The modifying of the device_type doesn’t solve the problem for me.

It seems like the problem was in the version of the realsense-ros. According to the guide, I should install realsense-ros 4.51.1 version. I think that this version isn’t compatible with the latest camera firmware that I use (5.15.1). I switched the realsense-ros to the ros2-development, re-build everything, and it works now.

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