Datasheet of QUADRO 600 ?

I tried hard to get data sheet of quadro 600 nvidia GPU, but didnt get successful in it. I got the following datasheet which is useless to me. I need a datasheet in which there is detailed information about number od threads, cores, etc is present.…O_600_US_LR.pdf

Thanks for any help !

That link was useless for me as well… ;)

You probably want to take a look at appendix A of the CUDA C Programming Guide. Quadro 600 is a compute capability 2.1 device with 2 multiprocessors, thus 96 cores. Memory bandwidth is 25.6 GB/s. Shader clock is 640 MHz (I don’t have a good link for the shader clock from the Nvidia website either), resulting in a theoretical peak throughput of 2 [sup]FLOP/s[/sup]/sub[/sub] * 640 MHz * 96 cores = 245.76 GFLOP/s for single precision.