Debug CUDA Application - Can't get past this step in User Guide

Hi! I’m new to the nvidia world. I have my AGX Xavier target, a host Ubuntu PC, I’ve installed Eclipse and the NsightEE plugins. I started with the “Hello World” example, compiled it, and am ready to debug it on my target. In following the Nsight Eclipse Plugin guide, I get to step 8 (screenshot attached). The user guide shows some fields filled in, but in my case, the fields are blank, and the “Detect” button doesn’t seem to to anything. Any advice on getting past this step?

Hi, @jwp1

Thanks for using Nsight Eclipse Plugin. If “Detect” not work for you, can you please check if you can use “Browse” to select the related path in the remote target ?

Thanks so much for your reply! When I use the browse button, I can navigate to /usr/local, where I hoped to find a “cuda” directory (according to the user guide). I have no “cuda” directory there.

Also, when I log directly into my target and run this:
find / -name cuda -type d -print
it comes up empty. Nothing found. My target came pre-flashed by the vendor, and boots up showing me a Linux desktop, if that has any relevance here. I haven’t attempted to modify the target in any way yet.

In looking around on my host system, I do see a /usr/local/cuda directory, with a targets sub-directory. The two targets in /usr/local/cuda/targets directory are aarch64-linux and x86_64-linux.

Good to know. So can you debug successfully now ? If you want to debug on AGX Xavier target, you need to install cuda toolkit on the target also.

Thanks again for your reply. I guess I was confused on where the toolkit was supposed to reside. Is there an official way to install the toolkit on the remote system, or do I just use something like sftp to copy my host’s /usr/local/cuda? The remote system is a different architecture, so it wasn’t clear to me that just doing a dumb copy would suffice. -Jeff

You can follow this to install cuda on target side.

I’m not sure how you flash your board. If you are using Jetpack, you can use that to install also.

I forgot to thank you for your help! I appreciate it very much.


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