debug libraries not working in 3.2.4

I’m using 3.2.4 32 bit and VS2012. I can link and execute my code using the none debug libs but when I try to use the debug versions I get a variety of link errors. The only one which doesn’t generate errors is: PhysX3DEBUG_x86.lib. For example if I use PhysX3CommonDebug_x86.lib I get this error:

1>PhysX3Extensions.lib(ExtExtensions.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “__declspec(dllimport) unsigned int __cdecl physx::Cm::addToStringTable(class physx::shdfnd::Array<char,class physx::shdfnd::ReflectionAllocator > &,char const *)” (_imp?addToStringTable@Cm@physx@@YAIAAV?$Array@DV?$ReflectionAllocator@D@shdfnd@physx@@@shdfnd@2@PBD@Z) referenced in function _PxDumpMetaData

I don’t see this error if I link the release version of the lib. PhysX3Extensions.lib as similar pproblems.

I’m trying to get the visual debugger to work and currently: NULL == g_Physics->getPvdConnectionManager()

returns null. I assume that’s because the libs are release and not debug?


you need to compile the PhysXExtension with VS 2012 in the debug version.
When you are using PhysXVehicle or PhysXCharacterKinematic libs,
you also need to compile them with VS 2012 in the debug version
and link against the new debug libs.

The SLN is somewhere in the folder, I dont use PhysX 3.2.4 because I switched to 3.3.x,
maybe the folder-tree are similiar.

I found the SLN in PhysX\Source\compiler\vc10win32.