PhysX 3.3 - Missing lib files

This may be a dumb question and I’m sorry if it seems I’m asking too much on here, but I think I’m missing a ton of the .lib files. I downloaded the source code from github (only because I couldn’t find anywhere to download the sdk). I only have PhysX3*_x86.lib where * is either debug/release/checked. I don’t even have the common lib file, which the PhysXGuide.chm says is necessary for all projects. Any idea why these libraries might be missing? Did I download the wrong thing or am I forgetting to download something else?

I’ve been struggling to get my project to compile for over a week now and countless google searches are of no help.

I’m also still getting a LNK1104 Cannot open file PhysX3GpuDEBUG_x86.lib even though I’ve included the Lib and Include directories as the guide says. I’m at a complete loss and extremely discouraged but too stubborn to give up. Can anyone please help a frustrated beginner? Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’ve gotten through the LNK1104 error but now I have the LNK2019 error, which I believe is because I haven’t linked the common/extension libraries. Again, I have no idea where these libraries are, as they don’t show up anywhere in my repository. Do i not need them/am i doing something wrong? Why could I possibly be missing them?