PhysX 3.3 - Linking to libraries using Source code

I have the source code from github but cannot find the libraries that guides and forum answers suggest to link to to get rid of link errors. Almost all posts and the physxguide state that PhysX3Common_x86.lib is needed. I cannot find this file anywhere in the source code repository and am getting link errors when trying to use PxFoundation, PxDefaultErrorCallback and PxDefaultAllocator.

If memory serves github doesn’t contain the build libraries, only the source. To build PhysX3Common_x86.lib, navigate to PhysX-3.3-3.3.3-1.3.3\PhysXSDK\Source\compiler and select your IDE or build tool and build.

e.g. to build using VS2010 launch and build Y:\PhysX-3.3-3.3.3-1.3.3\PhysXSDK\Source\compiler\vc10win32\PhysX.sln. That should generate the lib files you need in the corresponding folder in PhysX-3.3-3.3.3-1.3.3\PhysXSDK\Lib.