PhysX SDK 3.3.4 Issue: cannot open file 'PhysX3CommonCHECKED_x86.lib'

Hello, on cloning PhysX SDK 3.3.4 I ran the Samples.sln. I manually included the Include and Lib directories but I am getting the error LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘PhysX3CommonCHECKED_x86.lib’. The only file in the Lib directory with a similar name is PhysX3GpuCHECKED_x86.lib. Has the name of the library file been changed from what it is declared as in the source?

Silly me, I found the solution on this very forum here:

Thank you @asdasdasdasdasdf

I was already preparing a response when I read the rest of your post ;)