PhysX in WinRT

I downloaded the WinRT/ARM version of PhysX and I’m trying to get it hooked up in my project with no luck.

Are there any working samples or tutorials out there for using PhysX with in a WinRT application?

I can get the code to compile if I link to the x86 libraries but it crashes as it initializes. if I add the following libraries in the linker->input->additional Dependencies setting:


and I include the \Lib\win8arm folder in the “Library WinRT Directories” setting

I get the following error:

error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘PhysX3CHECKED_arm.lib’.

Any ideas?


it seems to me that you didnt add the directory to your solution (or makefile) correctly.
Add the lib directory to your solution (or makefile) and the linking would work.

I dont use the RT Version of it, so I dont know the “folder tree”, but I guess
the “\Lib\win8arm” directory have a (under) folder named DEBUG or RELEASE ?
Try to add the absolute path to the directory.

I agree with you that’s what it looks like.

The thing is, I copied and pasted the path from windows explorer into the settings and I copied and pasted the name of the library… I had it linking on a x86 console application so I had it going before.

Does anyone know for sure if I should be working with the “Library Directories” setting or the “Library WinRT Directories” setting?